Journey in Japan

Journey in Japan

Hello friends,
It has been a month and a half since I’ve been in Japan now. A lot has been happening and there are a lot of stories to tell. This internship has consisted much in building relationships and participating in diverse ministries. I also got to spend a couple of weeks in Tokyo getting to know several SEND missionaries and hearing about their ministries.

There are a few main ministries that I’ve been involved in with the Edwards at D House, the main one being Teatime. Teatime occurs twice a week andic a time when anyone can come to Edwards’ house and hang out. On Thursday nights, we listen to a song in English. John provides sheets with the English lyrics and translates the lyrics into Japanese. He adds a Bible verse to the sheet that relates with the meaning of the song. In this way, the people who come who don’t know much about God or Christianity can learn about Him. Teatime isa refreshing way to get to know the people and it has been one of the highlights of my time here.

The first week of the Tokyo trip was spent at the SEND Japan conference in Okutama, Tokyo. It was a good time getting to know the missionaries in Japan who were there. Five days was short for all the conversations to be had there, but I’m thankful for the people I got to meet and the time I was able to be there.

The second week was spent getting to know different SEND missionaries who live in the Tokyo area. I and Joshua, the other intern, mastered the train system of Tokyo and we were able to do some sight-seeing. I enjoyed getting to know the different missionaries in Tokyo and how they are building relationships with the people there.

It was fascinating for me to be able to experience week in a city as big as Tokyo and notice the similarities to and differences from Barcelona, near where I grew up. In some ways I felt at home in a city atmosphere, but at the same time the structured harmony and quietness of the Japanese culture was so different from what I know in city life. I was constantly amazed at how asea of people walking in the streets could be so quiet. As we rode the trains and walked the streets, the reality of the heavy work culture became evident to me as I saw the exhaustion in the people.

It has been a couple of weeks since the Tokyo trip, and I’ve been getting back into the rhythm of life in Obanazawa. I’ve come back to what is now a familiar place with familiar faces. My Japanese seems to improve little by little, and I’m glad to be able to speak with people more in Japanese and understand more than before.
This past week has been particularly full and this weekend has been a time to rest and mentally prepare myself for the weeks I have left here. God has a lot of people here and is showing His love in many ways. please ray for the Japanese people and for the missionaries who are here, that His love would continue to grow and His light of life would continue to shine.

Thank you for your support and prayers. May God bless you and give you His love and wisdom.

Prayer requests:

That God would give me rest in this final half of the internship.
That I would use the time I have left wisely.
For the hearts of the Japanese who do not know God, that they would be receptive to knowing Him.
Praise for special people the Edwards know.
Praise for the fellowship among the believers here.
Prayer for the D House team as we enter into the final half of the internship.